Tuesday, June 27, 2023

9:45 AM
- 10:10 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

Steve Hall, President of ISG EMEA and the Voice of the ISG Index will provide compelling insights on the change market dynamics within the Industry. As digital transformation, generative AI, and new capabilities enter the market, Steve will provide his unique insights on how to stay ahead of the trends and gain the right insights to take your business to the next level.

10:15 AM
- 10:30 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

Generative AI is everywhere, but is the hype valid and will cool examples turn into real business value and widescale change to how we work? Wayne Butterfield dives in to what we are seeing, where the value will come from and how to understand your potential.

10:35 AM
- 11:05 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

The latest advances in AI have the potential to profoundly impact how we work and communicate in a number of ways. The other element of change is just the shear rate of change.  Predictive analytics grew through 80’s & 90’s, the use of AI came to prominence through the 2010’s.

Now the rapid advances in Generative AI make everything that came before it feel like the stone age.  Who hasn’t seen, and even experienced, the latest craze that is ChatGPT. This represents both a huge opportunity for businesses and or a potential threat. This panel of industry experts will discuss the quickly maturing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that they are exploring, what they mean to your businesses and they should be used to enable business objectives.

•    How can automation initiate significant productivity gains and cost savings for businesses?

•    How should AI be used to leverage data and improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement?

•    What is the future of new forms of communication like chatbots, virtual assistants and virtual?

11:05 AM
- 11:20 AM
Location: Beatrice Suite 1

These sessions provide hands-on demonstrations of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that are helping to shape the future of business.

11:25 AM
- 11:55 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

This session will discuss how to unleash the power of Intelligent Automation, AI, data analytics and LinkedIn to skyrocket companies profits and performance. Learn how to impact the world using digital technologies.

12:00 PM
- 12:20 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Efficiently monetising data is becoming more and more a critical success factor for organisations.

This session will discuss the top challenges of data, analytics & AI that organisation leaders face in improving their return of investment.

So, how does your organisation maximise the business value of data?

Listen to two of ISGs experts discuss how you succeed in improving value with data and what can be learnt from leading enterprises.

12:25 PM
- 12:45 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

In this session, Carolin and Andreas will highlight how traditional ISMS fail to deliver value for the company, for third parties and for consumers. They will show how an aligned next gen Cybersecurity Management System can automate the alignment of regulations and requirements with policies and policies with their actual implementation enabling an up-to-date picture at any given moment.

12:45 PM
- 1:45 PM
Location: Full Edward Suite

1:45 PM
- 2:00 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

What is the reality of the cloud "promise" of faster, cheaper, better? How are organisations re-thinking their scalable infrastructure strategy, and how is it changing their cloud positioning? What is the current state of the hyperscaler market? Ola will bring us the latest ISG insights on the realization of cloud transformation.

2:05 PM
- 2:25 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

A critical component of cloud adoption in most organizations today is managing cloud budgets and spending. Cloud has fulfilled its promise of elasticity, scalability, and flexibility etc. and that also triggers higher needs of accountability. Cloud computing has accelerated growth to deliver financial benefits in enterprises that use it as a foundation for innovation and differentiation. Financials Operations (FinOps) has become one of the effective levers to drive savings and incentivize further improvements related to enterprise spend optimization. Join us as we discuss, What is FinOps as the operating framework of Cloud. Why and how can you setup FinOps practice in your organization.  What are the common challenges faced.

2:30 PM
- 3:00 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Today’s engineering ethos in businesses revolves around the need for top-line growth through leveraging premier internal and external talent. This discussion will show the importance of attracting, developing, and leveraging the skills of top engineering professionals through your vendor ecosystem. It will also discuss how companies can drive innovation, meet customer demands, and achieve sustainable growth in the dynamic and competitive landscape across all the industries. Engineering talent stretches more locations, and their skills impact more technology than ever before. Learn how Hitachi Vantara is uniquely positioned to support business value creation throughout the entire technology stack.

3:00 PM
- 3:20 PM
Location: Beatrice Suite 1

3:20 PM
- 3:35 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Digital adoption at Scale has long been a bridge too far for most enterprises. Successful organizations are now joining Product, Process and the Consumer into one fully integrated digital threads which require a Secure, Intelligent and Connected Ecosystem to deliver the promise of sustained value creation. Technology adoption alone won’t deliver results. This ecosystem needs a formal structure for internal stakeholders to manage through this significant change in ways-of-working. Come hear about the Connected Value Chain, Secure Digital Threads and how to tie this all together to gain a competitive advantage by making your connected enterprise……Smarter and at scale.

3:40 PM
- 4:10 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Organizations stand to gain exponential business value by driving insights and intelligence from a connected ecosystem across their customers, value chains, enterprise systems and operational technology. How does the secure intelligent connected enterprise scale, while being kept secure and fully integrated? What business and technology gaps form and how to do you address them before they become chasms? Our panel of speakers will discuss their biggest challenges, how they overcame them and how you should simultaneously focus on both security and growth. 

4:15 PM
- 4:45 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

In today's dynamic business landscape, the seamless integration of multiple cloud providers, various ISPs, and diverse security products is a huge challenge. To overcome all the hurdles and embrace the full potential of the digital era, Orange Business provides seamless management and orchestration with its intuitive API or user-friendly console, bringing business a genuine network-as-a-service experience. Join us for an immersive session that delves into the limitless potential of network cloudification and the Evolution Platform. Gain insights, exchange ideas, and discover how this transformative approach can propel your organization forward in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

4:50 PM
- 5:30 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Entrepreneurs behind innovative digital solutions will each present pitches on why their technology is best and how it will add the most value to business. After some tough questions from our judges, you will vote for the winner of this startup challenge.

5:30 PM
- 6:30 PM
Location: Beatrice Suite 1

6:30 PM
- 8:00 PM

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

8:00 AM
- 9:00 AM

9:00 AM
- 9:15 AM

9:20 AM
- 9:45 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

Between the “permacrisis” feel of broad macro disruptors (such as inflation, climate change, invasions, banking jitters, the potential for returning pandemic lockdowns) and emerging technologies and capabilities (such as cloud, metaverse, AI / ChatGPT, digital twins and cybersecurity threats), continuous change and disruption requires the ability to shift priorities, work and skills constantly and fluidly. Nowadays, large and broad transformation initiatives seem to have little chance to achieve any return on investment before they are replaced by some new priority. Sweeping digital transformations surviving the pendulum swings of cyclical change are rare as the macro and micro environments continue to shift under our feet. Continuous Change requires Continuous Transformation – done well, it establishes the culture and organizational constructs necessary to allow a rapid response to changing conditions that allow the business and enabling technology teams and workers to add value against a shifting value scale while also learning new skills and applying them to business challenges. This session explores how addressing the operating model and cultural foundation can create fertile soil for natural continuous transformation to occur.

9:50 AM
- 10:20 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

Nina Schick tells the story of Generative AI, delving into how AI's newest capabilities will radically transform the future of work, information, knowledge -- and even society. Nina argues that the scale of the revolution is like the Internet, but bigger. Instead of being afraid -- she advocates leaning into the AI revolution.

10:25 AM
- 10:45 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

A chain is always as strong as its weakest link. All agile and adaptive organization initiatives need to continuously keep a comprehensive view across markets, targets, organization, processes, people, and technology. An important area is legacy IT modernization. Alongside a real-life client situation, the modernization journey of a custom-build application stack is described. Aspects like enterprise architecture, security, governance and standardization/harmonization beyond pure IT play an important role to ultimately lead to a high-quality market evaluation and the very focused service partner selection.  In this session we will discuss contextualizing the modernization of legacy apps to understand key success factors,  learn from real-time examples, best practice customized approaches, key challenges along with solutions to it.

10:45 AM
- 11:00 AM
Location: Beatrice Suite 1

These sessions provide hands-on demonstrations of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that are helping to shape the future of business.

11:00 AM
- 11:15 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

Many ‘back office’ functions have been striving to deliver process excellence for years, and measuring their success and value through comparison of their performance in this regard to their industry peer organisations. But in the meantime, the world has changed. Process excellence is now a given, taken for granted as part of the basic business services operations value proposition. Internal customers of business operations are asking for more and as the hype of technology-led business process delivery comes mainstream. Digitised cost-efficient and service effectiveness enhancing processes that generate data and deliver it back to the business with analytics overlaid that can contribute to proactive business-impacting decisioning are here to stay.

11:20 AM
- 11:50 AM
Location: Victoria Suite

Cost optimization and business value are both critical components of a successful business strategy,  increased profitability and a strong market position. Our panel of industry experts will explore the use of external insights (benchmarking) to identify, manage and realise cost optimisation and business value generating initiatives. Where do you identify opportunities? How do you prioritise and evaluate which opportunities to optimise?

11:55 AM
- 12:15 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Modern Workplaces depend on everybody being able to collaborate effectively - that can no longer be restricted to creative workers it also needs to include support technicians. AR/VR (or XR for completeness) removes the requirement for logistical delays waiting for technicians to arrive, by taking the issue directly to them, in order that skilled assessment and resolutions can be made.

12:15 PM
- 1:15 PM
Location: Full Edward Suite

1:15 PM
- 1:30 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

A positive employee experience is a critical component of delivering an exceptional customer experience. An Experience Management Office (XMO) enables the organization to create a culture of service excellence that benefits both employees and customers. We will explore the key elements of a successful XMO, including cross-functional teams, feedback mechanisms, data analytics, communication, and governance. Attendees will gain practical insights on how to build an XMO that drives employee engagement, customer loyalty, and business performance.

1:35 PM
- 2:05 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Today, organisations need to take account of so much when thinking about the customer experience they want to deliver.  Not only is the channel to customers becoming more digital, but customers arebecoming more interested in how their services are delivered, whether it be ethically or environmentally.  With brands becoming more focused on loyalty, and increased revenues based on that loyalty, organisations need to be conscious of the end-to-end value chain that their customers experience.  In this panel, we will explore what your organisation should be doing to ensure you have robust oversight into your customers’ journey and how you should leverage digital technologies throughout that journey.

2:05 PM
- 2:25 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

This session will highlight the key steps for a zero-trust approach and the pitfalls in a complex provider landscape. They will take you onto the journey from initiating a zero-trust approach, to rolling this out to include your provider landscape and finishing with actionable items how to navigate the journey. 

2:30 PM
- 3:30 PM
Location: Victoria Suite

Many conferences and summits are good networking events, this session however will turn information into action.  Through a moderated design thinking workshop, ISG will lead the event through a session where every attendee can leave with actionable outputs customised to your own organisation. using a mass customised approach, we will walk through a co-creation methodology where you will translate what you've seen, heard and experienced into something real for your organisation to make real change.

3:30 PM
- 4:30 PM
Location: Beatrice Suite 1