What You'll Discover

Using AI for Business Enablement

Who hasn't experienced the latest craze that is Generative AI?

What do quickly maturing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies mean to our businesses and how can we use them to enable business objectives?

What other technologies are powered by, or power up, the latest advances in AI and how will they change how we work or how we communicate? 

The Future of Cloud and Scalable Infrastructures

Multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, cloud-first... the future of technology infrastructures can be fuzzy; we'll clarify the latest thinking in terms of scalable technology foundations and how modern ecosystems are advancing. 

Becoming a Secure, Intelligent, Connected Enterprise

Conversations about cybersecurity, cloud and networks can't happen alone. So, what happens when you connect these pieces together? You develop an unstoppable organisation that can deliver value beyond anyone's expectations, and organisation that disrupts and excels in a turbulent landscape. A secure, intelligent, connected enterprise (SICE) is the future of business. It's a future you need to get behind today. 

Optimising Technology Costs

Global economic pressures continue and the resulting slow-down in spend for many organisations can represent a real deterrent to acquiring digital skills and modernising the technology landscape. Even status quo becomes difficult as cost cutting becomes the norm - yet the need to digitise across the business value chain from suppliers through to customers is momentous, challenging and, let's be honest, expensive! We'll focus on ways to address optimising core technology spend for cost takeout, and how to meet the challenges of skill debt and aging systems in an affordable way while still advancing digital capabilities, even self-fund digital transformation. 

Evolving Today's Digital Customer Experience

Customer connections through digital channels continues to grow, and how we make, maintain and leverage those important connections is changing as well. What are the latest trends in digital customer experience and how are companies using them to fuel growth?