25 & 26 June 2024  |  London

Thank you to our attendees, speakers and partners for your support
throughout the 2024 Digital Business Summit UK!

Efficiency paves the way for innovation. 

Do more with less. Budgets are tight. Keep pace and keep innovating. 

These are the pressures you’re under. So you need to find new ways to use technology in support of your business goals. Modern cost optimization approaches, new AI opportunities and infrastructure simplification can help you drive innovation, create new revenue streams and constantly elevate your total experience. 

Now in its ninth consecutive year, the ISG Digital Business Summit has firmly established itself as the premier gathering for digital transformation leaders. Leaders who are coming together to share best practices, lessons learnt and "aha" moments on how to disrupt and elevate your organisation.

If you’re looking to stay at the forefront of this fast-paced digital landscape, join us in London on 25 & 26 June!

What You'll Discover

Featuring Insights From:

Agenda At-a-Glance

Day One

9:30 AM

Chairman's Welcome

9:40 AM

The Future of the Market

10:05 AM

From Analogue to Digital: The Modernisation of Legacy Technology at UK's Largest Retailer

10:40 AM

Cyber Security - What Would You Do?

11:10 AM

Networking Break & Innovation Labs

11:30 AM

Embracing Tomorrow: Unveiling the Next Wave of Digital Innovation

11:50 AM

Navigating Disruption: A Deep Dive into Current Market Trends

12:25 PM

Past Lessons, Future Success: Defining Tomorrow's Sourcing Transformation Playbook

1:00 PM

Lunch with Networking Table Topics

2:00 PM

Redefining Business Success: Embracing Total Experience (TX)

2:20 PM

Cultivating a Customer-Centric Culture Across the Organisation

2:50 PM

Networking Break & Innovation Labs

3:10 PM

SPARK Sessions

4:15 PM

ISG Startup Challenge

5:15 PM

Welcome Reception

Day Two

9:00 AM

Chairman's Welcome

9:15 AM

Every Day's a Race Day: Re-Inventing Business, Digital and Data Analytics Operations

9:50 AM

Staying Ahead of the Trends

10:10 AM

Networking Break & Innovation Labs

10:30 AM

The Journey from Automation to Digital Operations

11:00 AM

Digital 2.0: Redefining Business Models in the Era of Innovation

11:35 AM

Dismantling Gender Bias

12:05 PM

Lunch with Networking Table Topics

1:00 PM

The Art of Simplicity: Streamlining Digital Infrastructure

1:20 PM

Data Mastery: Proactive Strategies for Modern Business Success

2:00 PM

SPARK Sessions

2:55 PM

Networking Break & Innovation Labs

3:15 PM

Harnessing AI and Machine Learning for Business Innovation

3:50 PM

Top 3 Things to do Now to be Fighting Fit Financially in the Current Climate

4:25 PM

Chairman's Closing Remarks

4:35 PM

Closing Reception

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