What You'll Discover

Enabling a Modern Data Analytics Journey to AI

Data-driven processes and digital capabilities are now core success factors for enterprises. Most are still only experimenting with Generative AI, while the pace of change accelerates. But there's a difference between personal AI use and enterprise AI use cases – and getting the data foundation ready for the latter is a challenging issue for most enterprises. After all, bad data = bad AI.

We’ll outline the use cases, methodologies and tech that will enable you to drive value from data and AI.

Driving Revenue & Scale via Digital Engineering

The world of smart everything has turned the conventional on its head. As your customers seek a seamless, connected experience, successful organizations are now joining the product, process and consumer into one fully integrated digital thread. 

We’ll share strategies on how to bundle services and products to drive revenue, develop new business models and achieve breakthrough value. 

Taming the Game-Changing Market Drivers 

Today’s market is a whole new game, with unique pressures emerging and driving business change. Drivers vary, from unpredictable geopolitical factors to heightened regulations concerning sustainability, data privacy, product traceability, and modern slavery risk. But stakeholders and intense market competition still demand that you safeguard your financial performance.

We’ll outline the current market drivers and showcase how enterprises can solve for each. 

Evolving Your Digital Customer Experience 

Customer connections through digital channels continue to grow. How we make, maintain and leverage those important connections is changing as well. From conversational AI to strategic contact center transformation to global capability centers, learn how to make customer experience into your critical differentiator.

We’ll show you the latest trends in digital customer experience to use them to fuel growth